Tom’s Victorian Christmas Fragrance

I buy your Misletoe Candles and your Victorian Christmas Candles and burn them during the holidays they amplify the holiday feel!!! LoveĀ  your Victorian Christmas Fragrance!
I also buy your candles that have a harvest smell to them, they lead me right up to Christmas. Your candles make it a awesome time of year!


One thought on “Tom’s Victorian Christmas Fragrance

  1. Anne Scott says

    For several years now I have been searching for the elusive Christmas tree scent. I thought I would never find it. All that were advertised had an almost chemical scent to them and nothing like a Christmas tree. Then I found Victorian Christmas. I ordered a small candle because I just knew I was going to be disappointed yet again and didn’t want to waste too much money. To my delight, this smell unbelievably captures the scent of Christmas and Christmas trees. Just ordered the largest candle. Should have known that my home town of Buffalo would be able to fulfill my dream. Am recommending to all my friends in the Washington, DC area.

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