Vanilla Scented Candle Reviews

Elle’s Vanilla Scented Candle Review

by Ellie
(upstate, Ny)

My fourth PI vanilla candle- I’ll never, ever buy from another vendor.

This is true vanilla, perfectly scented.

Thank you, PI, for this wonderful scent. It makes my “house” smell like “home”! My very favorite candle company. 🙂

Heather’s Vanilla Candle Review

by Heather T
(South Carolina)

The scent of the vanilla is strong and beautiful. It was the perfect candle to burn in our family room.

The candle had a good scent throughout the first floor of our house. I would definitely recommend this scent to anyone who likes vanilla candles!

So glad to know I am scenting my home with something that is not harmful for our family!

Sandy’s Vanilla Candle Review

by Sandy

I absolutely love Pure Integrity’s Candles! The aroma of vanilla fills the entire room.

I have been ordering the vanilla soy candle for years…and will continue to order them as long as they make them.

Marilyn’s Vanilla Candle Review

by Marilyn
(Irvine, CA)

Oh my gosh…I am addicted. What a beautiful smell. I layer it with other soy melts for different moods….

anyway, I love love love Pure Integrity candles…I will NEVER use another candle company and I already placed an order for the 26 oz Vanilla based on my experience with the soy melts.

They are a GREAT way to try out a fragrance without spending a bunch of money! Especially since I have about ten “tart warmers”, hee hee hee..anyway,

The Vanilla candle scent is very soothing and warm, and I will never be without it! Layers amazingly with the Sandalwood Amber and the Blueberry 🙂