Various Fragrances Pure Integrity Candles Review

I was an avid yankee candle fan.

After burning Pure Integrity Candles I will never go back to Yankee.

Your candles are the very best Your rating system for candle fragrance strength is right on.

Please keep up the good work.I am a customer for life.

- Joy

5 thoughts on “Various Fragrances Pure Integrity Candles Review

  1. Amy koehler says

    I have been buying through you for awhile now and you kindly put a sample in my box. It was espresso and I love it ! I can’t find it on your website. Is there a way I can order one or more?

    • says

      Hi Amy, Thank you for reaching out and so glad you liked it! Yes, we sent you a Roasted Espresso candles, You can find it here, Roasted Espresso

      Recent Roasted Espresso Review from Elizabeth B. She rated it Very strong bordering on Wow scent. She liked it too Amy!

      I just lit this candle 10 minutes ago on the first floor and can smell it already up in my office on the second floor – it’s exactly like my daughter’s favorite STRONG coffee with hazelnut creamer. I like to burn strong scents when cooking seafood and this is definitely going on my top 3 list for that purpose. Yummy!

  2. says

    Thank you so much for these wonderful smelling candles! Finally I can get strong smelling candles just like I like! And they are 100% soy!! No more headaches! Wow, how I love these! Not like any other candle you have ever bought! And this girl is addicted to scented candles!!

  3. Theresa Innaimo says

    Love Pure Integrity! Enjoying all the soy candles I bought. Best candles I ever bought. They did not smoke and smell oh so good through the whole house. Will always buy these candles. Love love them. All scents are wonderful.

  4. Gina Markham says

    My daughter wanted to try a new candle company. She
    is totally in love with your sugared spruce, banana bread and expresso candles. We love your company great candles and great customer service. The sugared spruce smells like the holidays.

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