Victorian Christmas Scented Candle Reviews

Lloyd’s Victorian Christmas Scented Candle Review

by lloyd Schuh (Houston, TX)

 Just a marvelous candle! We have been burning it since before Thanksgiving and our house is filled with wonderful Christmas smells. I would recommend the larger sizes, because you will want to burn this candle all day long. We’re giving them to all of our family to share the Christmas season.

Denise’s Victorian Christmas Scented Candle Review

by Denise (NYC)

 I have bought this scent repeatedly for the past 4 years. This candle is so natural smelling that I am not sure if it’s our tree or the candle. I also loved Sugar Spruce, but if I had to choose 1 holiday one, I would chose Victorian Christmas. Strong throw, fills the whole downstairs. Small tea lights are pretty powerful too. I placed the tealight candles along the molding edges in my dining room and will light them on Christmas.

Diane’s Victorian Christmas Candle Review

by Diane Kraft (Niagara Falls, NY, US)

 We bought several candles in 10 oz and 2 in 16 oz for gifts for coworkers (kept one for us also!). The scented candle is all holiday. It is being burned in our house in the living room. Wonderfully festive! Shopping-wise, PI candles can’t be beat. Well packaged products arrive in a timely manner. Have sent candles to other states and within NY with no problems. One incident of a broken glass container for a gift which was quickly replaced.

Good candles, good service, good people. It doesn’t get any better.

Gratefully, Diane and Mark Kraft

Dee’s Victorian Christmas Scented Candle Review

by dee (Merrimack, nh)

 This candle IS what Christmas smells like to me. As soon as Thanksgiving passes us by, my house smells like Christmas trees and wreaths! The scent even makes it upstairs. I love love love this candle!

Sofia’s Victorian Christmas Scented Candle Review

by Sofia  (Lockport, ny)

 I first learned about Pure Integrity Candles, as I was walking through the Eastern Hills Mall and passed their store before Christmas 2009. We stopped in and the salesperson amazed us with the number of scents and power of the scents. The fact that the candles are soy make them so much more desirable as well.

We fell in love with the Victorian Christmas scent and bought a pack of tealights.

This year (2010) as I was getting ready for Christmas my sister-in-law asked about the candles – mentioning that she wanted to get some as well. So we both ordered some more Victorian Christmas scented candles. I ordered the 16oz and she ordered the tealights and they are wonderful!

The 16oz fills almost my entire ranch house with wonderful smells of Christmas:) We are telling everybody about Pure Integrity Candles now! Thank you!

Dennis’s Victorian Christmas Scented Candle Review

by Dennis Girard (Texas)

 Three words. Absolutely loved this candle. What a great scent! I will definately be ordering more scented candles from you in the future. Thank you!

Sasha’s Victorian Christmas Candle Review

by Sasha Concaugh (Rockville, MD, 20850)

 The best candle for Christmas! It smells wonderful and strong. This candle is great for big rooms!

Kathleen’s Victorian Christmas Review

by Kathleen (Portland Maine)

 Upon my first inhale of your Victorian Christmas Candle, I was transported to the Land of Clara and The Nutcracker.

Victorian Christmas Candle Review

(Brookfield, ct)

 I’ve been searching for a clean burning, fragrant candle and I’ve found with Pure Integrity Candles. Absolutely no soot on the lamp shade when flame is extinguished, the smell travels to other rooms in the house, and it is burning evenly thus far. I bought one 26 oz. for myself and one as a gift for my sister. Perfect holiday gift.

I look forward to trying other candles as soon as this one burns out.

Patti’s Victorian Christmas Candle Review

by Patti Starr (Lockport, NY)

BRILLIANT!!! It’s a lovely scent.

I have NEVER had any candle with such a strong scent!! I love my candles & hope to order more for myself soon.

Pure Integrity are the finest, longest lasting candles I’ve ever had. Your customer service is perfect & actually fixed a problem I caused very quickly & threw in a bonus candle to boot!
Thank you SO much!

Patti’s Victorian Christmas Candle Review

by Patti(SC)

This is the candle that sold me on Pure Integrity Candles. The top liquefies and burns evenly all the way to the bottom.

The scent is so hard to describe – it’s a little like evergreen, holiday spices, and the the cold snap in the air at winter.
A perfect holiday scent. The scent throw is very strong as well so it can easily handle open floor plans. Love it!

Patricia’s Victorian Christmas Scented Candle Review

by Patricia Luca
(West Seneca, NY)

Pure Integrity candles are Great Candles!! I won’t buy anything else. This scent was very nice. I put it in quite a large- large area and the scent didn’t quite cover the whole area. I am using a candle burner and don’t know if that has anything to do with the strength of the scent.

Kathleen’s Victorian Christmas Review

by Kathleen Love (Colorado)

This candle has the loveliest smell and it permeates the whole room. It lifts my mood, and makes me think of Christmas, snow, winter, wreaths and the happy smiles of my family.

Judy’s Victorian Christmas Scented Candle Review

by Judy (San Mateo, CA, USA)

This scent does not disappoint. Victorain Christmas is a lovley fragrance. This candle Says “holidays” in a big way!

Joni’s Victorian Christmas Scented Candle Review

by Joni (Hamlin, NY)

This is the first time I have burned your candles and let me say that I am hooked! I purchased the Victorian Christmas tealights because they reminded me of a candle my Mom had growing up (in the 80’s). This candle smells wonderful on it’s own and heavenly when lit.

I had just recently attended a candle party and purchased some of their tealights. I lit one of each last night and while yours was still nearly full after two hours theirs was nearly empty and they cost the same! You have a new devoted customer! Thank you!

Larane’s Victorian Christmas Candle Review

by Laranne (Santa Ana, CA, USA)

This was the first time that I ordered Victorian Christmas, and I must say, I am very pleased. It is very reminiscent of my childhood Christmas celebrations and evokes such wonderful feelings every time I just open the jar. The scent is very strong and far reaching, with just enough sweetness to balance the rich evergreen smell. Definitely a holiday favorite!

Tina’s Victorian Christmas Candle Review

by Tina Salemi(Lackawanna, NY)

This is my absolute favorite scent for year-round burning. This candle has such a clean pine-like smell. When you walk into a room, it just smells so fresh. It is a stonger scent without being over-powering. It has become the signiture scent in my house. Whenever I splurge and burn it in my salon, everyone comments.

Laurie’s Victorian Christmas Candle Review

by Laurie(Wisconsin)

Absolutely love the Victorian Christmas candle. Smells great and burns clean! Will be ordering more candles soon!!

Ellie’s Victorian Christmas Candle Review

by ellie(upstate, Ny)

This IS candle is the essence of Christmas! My third year ordering it- cannot now imagine the holidays without Victorain Christmas.

Nice scent throw, but not too strong. The melts are lovely to mix, as well.

I sometimes combine this with mulberry or mint, or both. PI makes the holidays even more fun!

Victorian Christmas Candle Review

Victorain Christmas has such a Beautiful scent! I run a massage business out of my home so I use a large candle in the kitchen and your small tealight candles in my massage room. I can’t believe how evenly they burn and how long they last!

You have a candle customer for life! Thanks and Happy Holidays!
Mo Bruhns