I absolutly love Pure Integrity Candles!

Vin’s Lavender Scented Candle Review

My wife loves candles and we have spent much time and money on the big name brand out there. I stumbled upon soy candles and did a little research and found Pure Integrity Candles and am happy I did. I ordered both theĀ  Lavender Scented Candle and Ocean Breeze Scented Candle.
The fragrance of the Lavender is amazing and just the right strength. It fills our home with a nice lavender fragrance. There is also zero black soot left on the jar and the wax burns and melts very nicely.
The ordering was also very easy and the candle arrived one day before my wife’s birthday she loved this gift.

Say goodbye to the other candle brands we have used. Pure Integrity truly are the best scented candles we have ever burned!

- Vin
Beverly, Maine