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Watermelon Fragrance?

Do you think you will ever carry a watermelon fragrance scented candle? I cant wait to try a lot of the scents you carry now!! I am so happy I was introduced to your page.


- Regina smith

One thought on “Watermelon Fragrance?

  1. Currently we have Cucumber Melon which has watermelon in it. However, it is a blend of melons combined with fresh cucumber. In my opinion, the cucumber is definitely stronger than the melons. Even though we list it as a moderate scent it will fill a large area, but it is not a heavy fragrance.

    Developing great fragrances that are healthy and have a strong scent-throw is what we are always striving to perfect. We make our fragrances very different from almost all candles on the market. Keeping the integrity of certain raw materials limits their scent strength due to their natural fragrance and watermelon does not have a big natural scent-throw. It is more challenging, but we do not want to compromise the health aspects or quality that we have become known for.

    You may want to try our Fruit Slices candle, it has a great scent throw and is one of our most popular fruit scents.

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