I have seen that some 100% soy wax candles can be used as warmed body oils for massage. Is that true of these candle products as well?



- Melvina
Glendale, California

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  1. admin says

    Hi Melvina-

    I have seen the massage candles! What a great idea. I totally love it.

    It is a good thing that you asked.

    If you have read about our candles, we have exceeded the current,”candle industry standard”, for scent load capacity. That is one of the reasons our candles are able to infuse a area with exceptional scent. They fill room upon room.

    We use soy based fragrances as opposed to petroleum based fragrances. Soy based fragrances are the healthier alternative and smell sooooooooooo pure & realistic.

    If you are looking for a candle that you can burn and then massage into your skin, you can not do that with our candle. Even though our fragrances are natural & healthy, our candles contain too much scent for skin grade application.

    Hope that answers your question & thanks for giving me the opportunity to answer your question!

    Be sure to stop by again . . .if you like candles, which it seems that you do, you will absoultley love our candles. :)))

    See you soon,

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