Shipping candles to Canada

Hello, my name is Sheryl!! I have been on a search for grape candles for over 5 years. I’m taking dark purple, with a strong grape scent. I just read a candle review someone posted on your site and I am extremely excited about trying your candles. I live in Canada and was wondering about shipping candles to Canada? If not how can I get one or two or lot’s if i like it? Please respond asap, thank you for your time,


One thought on “Shipping candles to Canada

  1. Marvel says

    I also would like to know more about shipping to Canada? I’m not able to see anything on your website about shipping to Canada. Bought soy melts at Boulevard Mall yesterday in Amherst, NY and I had thought it was mentioned that you’ll ship to Canada (Toronto area). Love, Love,Love your candles!

    Greater Toronto Area of Canada

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