Cranberry Spice Scented Candle Reviews

Arene’s Cranberry Spice Candle Review

by ArleneĀ  (Buffalo, N.Y.)

The Cranberry Spice candle has a very nice scent as it permeates the whole downstairs…
love candles that you can really smell through the entire house.
So many other candle companies say they are scented strong but they do not give off the scent when you burn the candles.

Patricia’s Cranberry Spice Review

by Patricia (Redding, CA)

So far have just tried the cranberry spice melts (also have the candle). They are very strongly scented….a nice scent, but too strong in my opinion.

Karen’s Cranberry Spice Tealight Candle Review

by Karen bolton (fort worth, tx, usa)

I burn this tea light size in the little glass containers and love their scent as it fills my office area up with a great scent. Very satisfying. These little tealights are very long burning, and clean burning also. I will order them again.

1Mary’s Cranberry Spice Candle Review

by Mary (Jacksonville, Fl.)

I was searching on the Internet for a soy candle which had a strong cranberry scent to it. I came upon your site and found the Cranberry Spice candle which was listed as having the strongest scent – the “WOW” level.

I burned the candle in my very open great room, lighting both wicks. The scent was powerful like you stated. I decided to light only one wick which worked much better. This is a very, very strong scented candle. If you purchase it, it has a beautiful fragrance but you only need to light one wick or perhaps purchase several tea lights.

(**note from company – it is important to light both wicks so you can get a even burn, otherwise you may have a big hole in the middle of your candle**)

I will definitely purchase more candles from Integrity. They included a nice thank you note in the packaging and some sample tea lights in another scent – a very nice touch.

Amazing Cranberry Spice Melts Candle Review

I received my order of jar candles and some soy melts from Pure Integrity about a week and a half ago. The shipping was fast and the scented candles themselves are very fragrant without even burning them.

I decided to try the cranberry spice soy melts first (will post a review of the others once I burn or melt them) since, you know, it was Thanksgiving then and Christmas is fast approaching.

I use the cranberry scent to determine whether or not I will be sold by a particular company since most candle companies have some cranberry scent of sorts. I was burning a cranberry candle from another company before I decided to melt the cranberry spice soy melts from Pure Integrity.

The candle from another company disappointed me. The melts from Pure Integrity didn’t.
In fact, I was astonished how well it was throwing its scent! I only use two blocks from the clam shell and it was more than enough to not only scent my living room, the scent traveled to my kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom! I was shocked on how two itty-bitty squares can out-throw and out-scent a 16oz candle from a “reputable” company. And they cost less than that jar of disappointment.

To say I was delighted will be an understatement. Would I recommend and reorder many more candles from Pure Integrity Candles? I would be a fool not to. Thank you so much for that experience, Pure Integrity! And thanks too for the two scented tea light freebies I received with my order.

Bills’ Cranberry Scented Candle Review

by Bill Jennings (Shawnee, kS, johnson county)

First off this was my first time ordering Pure Integrity Candles, overall I was very happy with their candles. The scent was strong and very pleasant, and the candles lasted what seemed forever. I had a problem with this candle tunneling and had to remove wax to get it to burn all the way down, but the scent was worth it. I had no problems with the other two candles I bought they burnt down all the way no problem what so ever.

Leah’s Cranberry Spice Scented Candle Review

by Leah (NJ)

Your Cranberry Spice Soy Candles are the perfect scent for the holidays. The color is a pretty pinkish red color.

There is a perfect balance of spice and cranberry fragrance in this candle. Highly recommended and I would order Pure Integrity Candles again.