Fresh Linen Scented Candle Reviews

Erika’s Fresh Linen Candle Review

by Erika (Illinois)

Your candles are wonderful! They burn evenly and smell wonderful. The Fresh Linen candle has a strong, clean scent, never cloying, that fills a room wonderfully! Love your candles.

Nancy’s Fresh Linen Candle Review

by Nancy Monteleone (Perry NY)

The Fresh Linen candle scent is strong, which I knew it would be, but I find if I just light one of the wicks it is much milder. Love this scent!

Williams’ Fresh linen Candle Review

by William (Atlanta)

Just as promised this was a very strong fragrance. Which is what was most important to me. Love the fresh linen because it’s not perfumey, or sweet, it’s just very clean scented. I will definitely buy this candle again and strongly recommend it!

Crissy’s Fresh Linen Candle Review Candle

by Crissy (sanford, nc)

Love this candle! I love how evenly it burns and I love that the scent really fills up my home! The scent is very clean and very fabulous!

Milagors’s Fresh Linen Candle Review

by Milagros (New York)

I got the biggest Fresh Linen candle you sell and although it smelled up the room extremely quickly and was very potent, I didn’t particularly like the smell that much. It was very strong which I was impressed with but I didn’t really like the smell that much; I found it was too strong and not so much the type of linen smell you want in your room.