Raspberry Scented Candle Reviews

Tracy’s Raspberry Lemonade Scented Candle Review

by Tracy (Owings Mills, MD)

I loved this Raspberry Lemonade Scented Candles!!! The Candle was just perfect, It burned evenly right down to the end of the jar. The smell was fantastic! I will re-order this candle again for sure!

Raspberry Lemonade Candle

I would rate raspberry lemonade as as sweet lemon scented candle but it also smells like raspberry.
This candle is very strong and smells good even when the candle is not lit.
I always buy the 26 ounce jar candles and I would buy a bigger jar candle if pure integrity would make them.

Elizabeth’s Raspberry Lemonade 12 Pack Soy Tealights Review

by Elizabeth (Frisco, TX)

I haven’t used these yet and my room smells so delicious! They are so strong for such a small size! I love strong scented candles and yours are perfect. Even more important, they are healthier to breathe, which is why I invested in them, and I don’t regret one penny. They are worth it.

Michelle’s Raspberry Lemonade Scented Candle Review

by michelle griffin (new york)

I truly love this candle! I’ve been using it in my dining room…it smells delicious and the aroma goes throughout the entire house! What is even better is that it is a soy candle and is safe to burn…that makes it extra special!