Oatmeal Cookie Scented Candle Reviews

Barbara’s OATMEAL COOKIE Scented Candle Review

by Barbara (Minnesota)

I have never had a candle (and I have had many) that smells soooooooo good. It is definitely a WOW candle. I prefer the candles with 2 wicks. The throw is better. I just love love love your Oatmeal Scented Candles

Oatmeal Cookie Candle Review

My house smelled like I was baking Oatmeal Cookies! I typically enjoy pumpkin scented candles this time of year. However, I enjoyed this candle so much that I may have a new favorite. Thank you for making strong scented candles that burn so clean. Also, I enjoy the jars with no labels on them!

Christine’s Oatmeal Cookie Candle Review

by Christine (CA)

The Oatmeal Cookie soy melts smelled so scrumptious! They made my family room/living room smell so good. They were sweet with a little spice to them…just right, not too strong. I will definitely re-order this candle again!

Tiffany’s Oatmeal cookie Candle Review

by Tiffany (Bensalem, Pa)

Your Oatmeal Cookie Candle smells great!! The best candle I have ever purchased.

Debbie’s Oatmeal Cookie Candle Review

by Debbie (batavia)

This is my all time favorite!! So strong and sweet smelling, I get compliments every time I burn it. It smells up my whole downstairs.. Love Love Love it!!!

Andrew’s Oatmeal Cookie Candle Review

by Andrew (Virginia)

This was the second candle in my first order from Pure Integrity Candles. I love this scent as much as the pumpkin pie! It definitely smells like oatmeal cookies!. The scent is very very strong.

You can tell the candle is burning from outside the front door when it is closed! It fills our entire living room and kitchen, and works it’s way into the basement nicely. If we burn it in the basement, it works it’s way upstairs with ease.

The scent also lasts for several hours after it is extinguished. You can smell a hint of it the day after you burn it, even when it’s been extinguished for 24 hours and covered.

The candles burn very clean as well, and are attractive with the frosted jar with no label. With the dual wick, they are quick to throw scent, yet they are long lasting.

So far, they seem to be lasting at least as long as the large Yankee candle jars, if not longer. I’m very pleased with pure integrity and this scent. I will definitely be ordering more candles from them.

Oatmeal Cookie Candle Review

by Denise Bricco

I love Pure Integrity Candles and will not burn any others. I have searched and searched for scents that are not fake perfume types and these are perfect! Oatmeal cookie smells just like cookies in the oven. My daughter’s friends always comment they love coming to our house because it always smells soooo good!