Vanilla Scented Candle Reviews

Tebra’s Vanilla Scented Candle Review

by Tebra Howard (angola, nu)

I absolutely love your candles.
Have tried many scents but always go back to the your amazing Vanilla Scented Candles – my favorites.

How did you hear about us?
I have purchased your candles for many years – 1st purchase at the Erie County Fair.

What was your “fragrance experience” with our candles.
Your fragrances are perfect – not too strong – permeates the room without being overbearing

What room did you burn our candle in?
Kitchen and the scent wafts thru the living room.

Suggestion – I know I can take back the wooden lids and get $1 credit each but it may be more cost effective for me to mail them back to get the credit OR do so when attending the Erie County Fair as I do not get to the 2 malls you are located at – they are quite a ways from my home.

I also think you’d do well in the south towns so a new store would be nice:) McKinley Mall?

Janita’s Vanilla Scented Candle Review

by Janita Finley (Wisconsin)

The absolute best Vanilla Scented Candles I have ever burned. You have managed to capture the true essence of vanilla,it does not smell overly sweet or artificial-just a perfect vanilla.

I have recommended this scent to all of my vanilla lovers….I will continue to purchase your candles as they burn great,smell wonderful and you offer very fast shipping and packaging is superb as well. Thank you!!!!!!!!

Barbar’s Vanilla Scented Candle Review

by Barbara (Ohio, USA)

Wonderful, These candles scent my room without being lit and when lit; just incredible. The Vanilla candle is very delicate and true to scent. I found mixing my scents in the holders just layers the scent in the air before I burn and no soot is the cats meow.

Cheryl’s Vanilla Scented Candle Review

by cheryl connelly (fredonia, ny)

Pure Integrity’s Vanilla Scented Candles has turned me into a HUGE vanilla fan. I never really cared for it before my neighbor convinced me to try it,now I buy it and keep it lit year round.

I do try others as to not get “too boring”, but always come back to this vanilla scented candle. it is so warm and comforting. I just love it!

Vanilla Scented Candle Review

One word for Pure Integrit’s
Vanilla Scented Candles – candy! This candle filled my entire living room with the smell of candy sweetness – definitely not for those dieting! A great holiday scent, and it definitely fulfills its promise of a very strong scented candle.

Ruchi’s Vanilla Scented Candle Review

by ruchi (seattle)

YUM! This candle is so strong and it is just perfect. Many vanilla candles are fake vanilla, artificial smelling. This vanilla candle smells like real yummy vanilla.

Stephanie’s Vanilla Candle Review

by Stephanie B. (Canada)

This is my favorite Vanilla Candle of all time! The scent is extraordinary. I can’t believe I finally found a vanilla candle that smells this wonderful. Love your Vanilla Candles!!!!