Do you make these Candle Fragrances?

Hi, I am wondering if you may have a sugar cookie, Christmas cookie, or snickerdoodle cookie scented candle? My mom bought me your vanilla soy candle for Christmas and I absolutely love it! So, in return I am wanting to get her a candle and I know she just loves cookie scents. Can you make any of these candle fragrances? Thank you!!



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  1. admin says

    Hello Casey,
    We do not currently make either snickerdoodle candle or sugar cookie candle; however, we have several similar candles that are outstanding!

    Our Vanilla Almond candle has an amazing scent-throw and smells like you are baking almond biscotti. The Oatmeal Cookie candle also has a huge scent throw and you can really smell the cinnamon, brown sugar, raisins and butter. If she is a chocoholic, you can choose between our Chocolate soy candle or Cocoa Mint soy candle (both of these candles are incredibly real chocolate scents but not as big of a scent throw).

    You may want to check out our Hot Out of the Oven candle collection.

    Teresa ­čÖé

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