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I love candles and burn them every day. I love vanilla scents the best(not too sweet, though), pumpkin scents, melon/cuke scents (calming scents), fresh and clean lemon scents (but not Pledge-like), and I love tropical scents.

I do not like watery ocean type scents or herby scents.

I am interested in trying your candles for several reasons…

1) I am always looking to find the perfect vanilla that is NOT cookie/bakery like
2) recommends them
3) I have smelled hints of gasoline out of my current company of candles, which has led me to read about indoor air pollution issues.

I will place an order soon for jar candles and would like scent suggestions (since I cannot smell them in advance), and also, can you tell me the diameter of your jars?

Thanks, and I can’t wait to see how these candles work out!


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  1. admin says

    Hi Tamara,

    First, I would recommend reading our “Candle Reviews ” page and our “Top-Selling Candles” page.

    In my opinion and many others, we make the best vanilla candle on the market. Our vanilla soy candle is a bit sweet but not like most baked goods. Our Pumpkin Pie candle is one of our best selling fall candles, but it might be too sweet for you. If you like coffee and tea you might really enjoy our Vanilla Cappuccino candle or are Chai Latte candle.

    You mentioned that you like cucumber melon, you might consider other fresh fruit fragrances such as Peach and Almost Paradise. My favorite fruit scent is Papaya Passion; however, this might be a little sweet for your tastes. If tropical is what you desire you might really enjoy piña colada.

    Our Raspberry Lemonade candle has a huge scent throw and does not have that artificial pledge smell. The Lemon Meringue Pie is a perfect balance between tart lemons in sweet baked good.

    Here is the answer to your question on the diameter of our candles. The 5oz candle is about 2 1/2 inches in diameter and the 10oz, 16oz and 26oz are all 4 inch diameter but the mouth/opening is about 3 1/4 inches.

    Also, most candle manufacturers use petroleum to make their wax and fragrances so it is no wonder you notice a gasoline like odor. I promise you will not find that smell in ours. Our fragrances are beautifully pure and realistic!


  2. Marylin says

    Burning my first pure integrity as we speak!

    My First Pure Integrity Soy Candle is —– VANILLA!!I My favorite scent, pretty much. If anyone else likes vanilla-scented candles as much as I do — YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE! (I got my very first shipment of Pure Integrity Soy Candles today and tore into the vanilla one first and I’m in heaven…absolute heaven.)

    I’m VERY health and wellness-oriented. And I love my candles, soooo much.

    We live in the middle-unit-of-three townhome group, and lucky us, BOTH of our neighbors on each side of us smoke cigarettes! Outside on their patios! Because they don’t want to stink up their homes — just ours, I guess…because it wafts directly — you guessed it — STRAIGHT into our living room, dining room, and kitchen when these ladies are out there chain-smoking (every day) and it’s soooooo upsetting (especially as someone who quit ten years, three months, and 13 days ago after a 20 year habit. If I can do it, LADIES, anyone can!!). So if I wasn’t already burning a candle or ten anyway, once the chimneys out there started up, it was always “close up the house time” and try to cover up what already got in with a leading “strong-scented” candle.

    Since finding out how incredibly dangerous the by-products of conventional scented candles are — even the highest high end ones, which I have used exclusively for years…well, I started doing my homework. And here we are!

    Suffice it to say, I am MORE than thrilled with your amazing candles. I think I am going to mix the sandalwood amber and the vanilla together and see what happens, too. 🙂 I prefer the soy melts and have LOTS of tart burners (LOTS) from my former favorite candle company…oooh, then with the lime spritzer….and the oatmeal cookie! I can’t wait.

    Oh, and the Almost Paradise smells — well — heavenly 🙂 Like Paradise, I bet!

    Anyway…will let you know if I think of anything interesting to share, but for now I just wanted to say:

    1.) This is the BEST VANILLA candle scent I have ever enjoyed, if anyone wants to know.

    2.) They are VERY strongly scented, and spread allllll throughout the house…it’s wonderful. Hmmm…maybe I will burn them on OUR patio and see if my neighbors enjoy them as much as I do 🙂

    3.) Proverbs 3:5-6…nice 🙂

    I WILL be ordering again soon!

    Thank you and may God continue to bless you and your beautiful family,


    P.S. Thank you SO MUCH foe the little sample tea lights you sent along! That was so sweet — I will try those in the morning in my bathroom I think. The tea lights from the candle company I used to use didn’t pack much oomph, so I am looking forward to trying these! Thank you again!

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