Guava Mango

Do you have any scents that are close to a fruity tropical Caribbean scent? We use to buy a candles called Guava mango, it was so good.


2 thoughts on “Guava Mango

  1. My two favorite candle scents over the years have been vanilla lime and eucalyptus spearmint.
    The first is from Yankee candle and the second from bath and body works.
    However after I found out my cat George whom I loved dearly suddenly became ill and diagnosed end stage heart failure, ultimately dying 2 months later, I began to question if there was something I did killed him. Then I found out quite accidentally about paraffin candles. Well, he was an an indoor cat. I am a candle lover and burned them all but 8 sleeping hours out of a day.
    I am going to ordering from you shortly and thought I would ask you to consider these fragrances in your future.
    With the eucalyptus-spearing I even purchase the shampoos and bath salts. They are extremely soothing .
    Thank you,
    Alyce Cassell

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