Green Tea Fragrance?

Do you carry  green tea fragrance tea lights ? I would love to get them from you .I got some in the green tea lights in the past by another company and loved the smell . I ORDER FROM YOU IN THE PAST AND WILL ORDER MORE IN MONTHS TO COME . Your candles fill my rooms beautifully, unlike any others I have tried.  THANK YOU


One thought on “Green Tea Fragrance?

  1. Thank you for the wonderful compliments. We work hard to develop new and exciting fragrances. However, it often take us a lot longer to perfect a new fragrance because our standards are very different from what is common practice in the candle industry. Here is a link that describes what makes our candles healthier and better scented

    Anyhow regarding the green tea fragrance, you will be glad to hear that we have just introduced 9 new fragrance and one of them is Oolong Tea. Here is a link to the new Oolong Tea I have worked on a many different tea fragrances over the years but was unable to perfect any that met our standards for health and scent-throw. Well, finally this fragrance hit the mark. Oolong is one of the Asian super teas, similar to green teas, and also offer a wide variety within the group. If you enjoy the fragrance of most green teas, I believe you are going to fall in love with what most Chinese Tea Connoisseurs consider a fine premium tea.

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