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Pure Integrity Soy Melts

My neighbor Amy (your sister:) gave me a plug in burner with cinnamon soy melts. I use them in my classroom everyday! As I’m unpacking my room this week, I realized I’m out of soy melts. Do you still sell them?

- Colleen Scanlon
West Seneca, NY

2 thoughts on “Pure Integrity Soy Melts

  1. Hi Colleen,
    That is awesome, we have a lot of teachers that use them in their classrooms. One teacher is working with special needs children that tend to be high energy. She says she melts the Vanilla or Lavender Soy Melts to help them stay focused.

    You can purchase over 80 fragrances of our Soy Melts at https://www.pureintegrity.com/soy-melts.html or because you are local we would love to see you at our retail location in the Eastern Hills Mall. Our candle studio is right behind the store and maybe Amy will be pouring at that time.

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