Judy’s Pumpkin Pie Candle Review

This was my first order from Pure Integrity and I am very impressed with both your candles and soy melts!!! I love candles but many companies have candles that have little scent as more of the candles burns or have a hot wax smell.

My Pumpkin Pie Candle from PI smells like a real rich, fresh baked flavor of a pumpkin pie!! I also bought several soy melts. The Oatmeal Cookie Soy Candles smells fantastic and I plan to buy this scent in a candle today.

I also have melts in Sandalwood Amber, Herb Garden and Mineral Springs and all smell delightful in my upstairs warmer. You now have another enthusiastic long term customer and I am so eager to try so many of your wonderful candles! Thanks!

- Judy M
Chicago suburbs