Marge’s Almost Paradise Review

I opened my order when it arrived and the most wonderful scent hit me & they included a sample candle called “Victorian Christmas“. I ordered Lavender, Gardenia, Lemongrass, & Vanilla.

I have enjoyed greatly all of these fragrances. I’m burning the,”ALMOST PARADISE CANDLE” as I write this review…I can smell it from the kitchen it’s beautiful.

These truly are the best scented candles I’ve ever used, the added bonus that they are safe to burn, burn longer with the wicky tech. And they¬† really do. I’m a big fan.

- Marge
Williamsville, NY

One thought on “Marge’s Almost Paradise Review

  1. Elizabeth Tarpinian says

    I was searching the web on candles and by chance found “Pure Integrity Candles” I never heard of them before – I was Impressed by all of the reviews – I took a chance and bought 3 of the 26oz Almost Paradise and 3 of the 26oz South African Freesia – I’m in love with them – the quality and smell of these candles are fantastic – 3 days later ordered another 6 candles- I can’t wait to share them with friends as gifts – the enclosed hand written note and sample tea lights was a really nice touch – even my husband was impressed!!!!!

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