Top Sellers From Our Christmas Collection





Hello From The Schumacher’s! We are busy, busy around here! Woah!!  We even have the kids working with us. They love it & we are thankful to have them along side of us!

This year, we moved to our dream country home and I bought some new decorations and had a blast decorating. When decorating is complete, it is time to decide what candles I will put out in each room.  What better way to give your home that final festive touch than with a seasonal scented candle? And who doesn’t love to cuddle up by the fire with a good book and envelope yourself in a world of winter fragrance. But what fragrance should you pick?? ??   Today we are going to highlight our signature top selling Christmas  fragrance, Victorian Christmas and some of our other top sellers from our Christmas Collection.

Peace & Love Be With You …



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