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Soot Free Candles? Do You know what toxins are in your candles?

WRGZ came to visit one of our local stores and had a nice segment on the health aspects of soybean candles using soot free soy wax made by Pure Integrity Candles. If you like burning candles in your home, you should realize the majority of candles often made of paraffin wax or paraffin blend often emit petro soot, which indicates they may contain toxic materials spewed into the air when burned.

The soot you see coming from burning candles often settles on surfaces in the immediate area, causing them to look dirty. . Since some of that soot undoubtedly gets inhaled into your lungs as you walk by. The toxins in this type of wax can also aggravate asthma or allergies as well as negatively effects pts in your home. Burning petro soot free candles not only keeps your house cleaner but also contributes to a safer home environment.

If you’d rather not deal with these harmful issues, you can still enjoy the ambiance flickering candles brings to your home décor without worrying about sacrificing your family’s health in the process. Candles made with soy wax are free of petro soot provide a pleasing, healthier alternative to paraffin or paraffin blended candles you often find online or at your local department store.

What is Petro Soot?

Soot is the solid particle that results from incomplete combustion of carbon-containing fuels, primarily petroleum-based fuels. This is called petro-carbon soot which is not found in soy wax. Soy wax is completely petro-carbon soot free.

What does the EPA say about petro-carbon soot?


 20 years ago we were shocked to learn that the candles we were burning at that time were toxic. We contacted the E.P.A. We knew if this “black film” was on our jars and on our walls, it also must be in the air were breathing. Yuck! What was it?

The E.P.A reports that paraffin wax is refined gasoline, a by-product of petroleum. Shockingly, paraffin is harmful when burned, emitting many toxins. Shocked & astonished, we threw out all of our paraffin candles. We enjoyed burning candles and knew there had to be a way to make healthy, soot free candles. This marked the beginning of our journey into the wonderful world of making candles.

Keep in mind the only completely soot free candle flame is a natural gas flame. This flame is completely blue in nature and has what is called a complete combustion. Can we get a candle flame to combust completely? No, we can not. We can’t control this, however we can reduce it. Candle Flames, wood burning fire places, all have incomplete combustion which produces bit of soot, but the good news is it is not the toxic black petro carbon soot that you find in petroleum based candles.

There are some things you can do to radically limit and reduce the amount of soot produced from the the incomplete candle flame itself. Limit it so much, in fact that you will never see it with your eyes! You have direct control over these factors: How well you follow these will determine the amount of soot that is produced.

How to minimize normal soot produced from Incomplete combustion:

  • Properly trimmed wicks~ Keep wicks trimmed short.  A wick length over 1/4 inch will tend to convey excessive fuel and produce more soot. Use the candle trimmer for this.
  • Air turbulence ~ A flickering flame emits more soot. Candles near doorways or traffic areas are subject to drafts and turbulence, producing more soot. In addition to the number and type of candles present, there are several clues that tend to distinguish candle soot from other sources.
  • Burning your candle for too long

So What Causes Black Soot In Soy Candles, If Soy Wax Is Petro Soot Free?

Soy wax burns petro-carbon soot free. But there are other factors that contribute to black soot deposits in candles. Candles can also include filler materials, additives, metal wicks, and toxic fragrances with volatile organic carbons that can be harmful to your health when you breathe them.

 Certain Fragrances Can Add To Soot Production:

Besides the waxes used in candlemaking, there are other qualities of scented candles that can be toxic and or soot producing. We learned that commercially made fragrances are toxic and soot producing, not only are typical fragrances toxic, they are not as strong.

A lot of products on the market, including candles, contain nothing but a bunch of synthetic chemicals. Read labels carefully. We did not want our family to be exposed to all of these toxins. Our original plan was to use nothing but natural essential oils, essences and/or extracts. However, most of these natural ingredients are not stable in their natural state when burning. Some of them are very flammable; some are unstable and are altered when exposed to heat; some will burn off and therefore throw little to no scent; and only a few of these natural ingredients remain in their natural state.

Therefore, we developed a technology to take many natural compounds and make them stable when burning. To accomplish this we use a variety of natural compounds and stable synthetic organic compounds to make fragrances that are not only healthier but smells better! We use many special techniques to isolate and stabilize the best scented compounds.

Our Fragrances are paraben, petroleum and phthalate free. We have exceed the some of the most stringent environmental standards.

Synthetic Additives Can Add To The Soot Production:

Synthetic scents, and other additives that a lot of other candle manufacturers employ, result in candles that generate a lot of soot. Things like UV Inhibitors, chemicals to make candles look creamier, more rigid, ect. The list goes on and on. All these chemicals add to the toxicity and the soot production of candles. Independent tests have demonstrated that some candles generate 100 times the quantity of soot then is produced by other types of candles.

Pure Integrity soy wax is free from additives and burns completely petro-carbon soot free! Our fragrances are 100% phthalate, petroleum and paraben free. Our our dyes exceed the stringent EU Reach Compliance standards.

The Wrong Sized Wicks:

Thickness and length of the wick -The wick conveys the melted paraffin to the flame. Thicker or longer wicks burn more fuel. Manufacturers should match the wick diameter to the candle size and composition, but sometimes manufacturers have not matched the proper sized wick with their candle. This can lead to soot production as well as limit the amount of fragrance that is pulled up and diffused into the air.

Studies On Soot Production of Paraffin Candles:

  1. “Particulate emissions from candle combustion” by A. H. Lobo, et al. (2007) – This study investigated the emissions from burning various types of candles, including paraffin candles. The study found that paraffin candles produced particulate matter, including soot.
  2. “Indoor air pollution from candle use” by M. J. Peel, et al. (2008) – This study investigated the indoor air quality impacts of burning candles, including paraffin candles. The study found that burning candles can result in elevated levels of airborne particulate matter, including soot.
  3. Science Direct: “Particulate emissions from candle combustion” by A. H. Lobo, et al. (2007) – This study can be found on the Science Direct website at the following link: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1352231006002912
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  6. These websites provide information on studies that have investigated soot production in paraffin candles. Additionally, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has information on indoor air pollution, including information on soot produced by candles, which can be found at the following link: https://www.epa.gov/indoor-air-quality-iaq/indoor-air-pollution-sources

How Can Soot Free Candles Benefit You?

If you’re still not sure you should give soy candles a go read what others have to say about our candles! Pure Integrity Soy Candles don’t create undesirable residues and they are scented strong and last long – Naturally. Here are a few of more advantages of soot free candles made from soy wax can offer you:

  • Long burn times: Soy candles and other candles made from soot-free ingredients often burn for long periods of time. That means you can enjoy the ambiance of your candles longer.
  • Affordability: When you consider how often you have to replace paraffin candles because they burn down so quickly, it makes sense that buying longer-lasting soot free candles made from soy wax a more affordable in the long run.
  • Health benefits: Candles that burn cleanly are safer for your health than candles that create soot. If you’re serious about providing a safe environment for your family, investing in clean-burning candles is a must.
  • Incredible scents: Soy wax holds scents incredibly well, which makes it a great option for strongly-scented candles that help your home smell amazing.
  • Peaceful ambiance: There’s no denying that the light emitted from clean-burning candles is very soothing and peaceful. Additionally, the presence of attractive candles can bring a desirable ambiance and warmth to your home décor even when not burning.

It is clear that petro soot production is released with paraffin candles, but it is important to note that petro soot production can be influenced by additional various factors, such the type of fragrances a nd an additional additives added to the candle. Normal soot production associated with burning anything can be greatly reduced by keeping wicks trimmed down and minimizing air turbulence and drafts where the candle is burned. These are just a few of the main reasons to consider soy wax candles as an alternative to soot-producing, candles.

Enjoy A Heathier Alternative!

Now that you’re ready to give your family a safer alternative to toxic candles, it’s time time to choose one! We are excited for you to try our candles! Shop the selection of clean-burning options online at Pure Integrity Soy Candles for a wide variety of candle fragrances or if you live in New York, visit one of our Williamsville, New York, locations to experience our amazing scents in person. We would love to see you!

Yours In Health,

Teresa, Jeff & the Pure Integrity Team

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