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Creative Candle Centerpieces

Did you know you can create candle centerpieces out of recycled candle jars?

We’re all trying to stretch our dollars as far as they will go yet still enjoy simple pleasures of the holidays. One way to do just that is by recycling or re purposing your glass candle jars to create new decorative elements for your home. Being green, frugal and resourceful can add up to high style for your next candle centerpieces.

Here’s how to get started. . . .


Prepare Your Glass Candle Jars

Once you’ve enjoyed your Pure Integrity candle down to the very last sniff, prepare the glass jar for reuse. We use only natural soy wax so any remaining wax in your jar can be rinsed away with hot water. To remove the metal wick tabs, fill the jar with water and let it sit overnight. You’ll be able to easily remove the tab the next morning. One final rinse with soap and water and you’re ready to reuse.

Add the Decorative Candle Elements

 With a few creative touches, you can create entirely new candle centerpieces with your now clean and empty candle jars. One of the best things about our candle jars is that we use frosted glass which casts a beautifully soft illumination.

Starting with the outside of the candle jars, consider adding:

For the inside of your candle centerpieces, fill your jar with one of the following and then nestle a tealight candle (safely) on top:


Floating Candle Centerpieces

You can also create floating candle centerpieces by putting your tea light in a floating candle holder. Line the bottom of the water-filled jar with polished glass beads or marbles. You could also add artificial ivy, leaves, holly or evergreen branches to float in the jars. Or try using the heads of real flowers such as red and white carnations.

With so many creative combinations to try, you can expand your candle centerpiece to include multiple candle jars. Use a group of varying height containers, such as our 10, 16 and 26 oz jars, to really make your centerpiece shine.



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