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Finest Soy Candles

I have been purchasing Pure Integrity candles for about 5 years now. So has my mother. I got her hooked. There are plenty of great places to buy candles out there but Pure Integrity is the most consistent in their quality and scents. I may experiment and try other places but I always come back. If you have not tried them you don't know what you are missing. " Lynda

Mirror, Mirror on the wall who makes the finest soy candles of them all???? Yes, yes that's right - Pure Integrity Soy Candles does!! The Question is, will you chose Pure Integrity to be the finest soy candles?

I believe you will because ......

Pure Integrity is rated and has been rated the best scented soy candle out of 1000's of companies for the last 9 years in a row!!  How do we keep this title year after year, from the largest source of candle reviewers on the planet over at candle find? It is because, we first and foremost, out scent the best of scented candles hands down. 

How do we create such amazing candles?

finest soy candle

Pure Integrity Soy Candles has figured out a way to get our soy wax to absorb 50% more fragrances than candles on the market today. Candle wax has a  barrier as to how much scent it will absorb. It is called, scent load capacity. We have exceeded the candle industry's scent load capacity. Not one candle company that we know of, uses as much scent as we do.

"I can't believe these candles, I don't even have to burn the candle, just take the cover off & the aroma fills the room. I look forward to purchasing more candles".

Sharon (Stokes) Vavolizza
Stone Ridge,NY


Pure Integrity uses the finest fragrances that are petroleum, alcohol, and Phthalate  free. Why does this matter . .. .well the proof is in the candle.

Our fragrances are phenomenal to smell and healthy to breathe. Our fragrances are so strong, so pure and so realistic they will knock your socks off.  When you pick up our Macintosh Apple candle, it is seriously like biting into a fresh, ripe Macintosh apple. Gosh, I wish you could smell it!

Not only, do our fragrances smell great, but our fragrances are evenly dispersed throughout our entire candle. So, you will get consistent exceptional scent from top to bottom!  Of course, I have much to say about the finest soy candles around, and if you would like you, could read  our scented candle reviews or candle articles, but I think this candle review from Fran Kilian, of Spokane Wa.  says it all . ... ..

There is no question in my opinion that Pure Integrity Candles, are the finest soy candles you can purchase today. They are clean burning, with very little or no soot and better yet no toxic emissions. Quite simply, "they are second to none", including the paraffin and paraffin/soy candles that Yankee Candle produces. When it comes to throwing a pure and wonderful scent through out your home, these candles will do it. Their candles have much stronger and realistic scent than any Yankee Candle I have ever owned, including Yankee's new "YC" product line. Their scents are so realistic you will swear they actually have the fruit, flower or dessert in the candle! Shopping at their store in the Galleria Mall is also a pleasure. Its clean, bright and smells wonderful, their candles are packaged in very attractive frosted jars with beautiful hand crafted wood lids. Their store is also not cluttered with all kinds of other accessories, just the finest longest lasting soy candles money can buy!

Customers tell us over and over again, Pure Integrity Candles are the best scented candles they have ever tried. We know you will to, put us to the test! You will love us! Take advantage of one of our candle promotions today!


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There is no question in my opinion that Pure Integrity Candles, are the best candles you can purchase today. They are clean burning, with very little or …

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