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Healthy, Clean & Soot Free Candles

Pure Integrity Soy Candles burn beautifully clean with zero petro-carbon soot.  While burning other brands of candles, you  may have noticed how black candle jars can get. You may also have noticed the black smoke coming off of the candle wicks.

Yuck! What is all that black soot?

Soot is the solid particle that results from incomplete combustion of carbon-containing fuels, primarily petroleum-based fuels. This is called petro-carbon soot which is not found in soy wax. Soy wax is completely petro-carbon soot free.

soot free candles

What does the EPA say about petro-carbon soot?



What we found out was shocking. We contacted the E.P.A. We knew if this "black film" was on our jars and on our walls it also must be in the air were breathing. Yuck! What was it?

The E.P.A reports that paraffin wax is refined gasoline, a by-product of petroleum. Shockingly, paraffin is harmful when burned, emitting 11 toxins, 2 above the excess cancer risk!

Shocked & astonished, my wife and I threw out all of our paraffin candles.
We enjoyed burning candles and knew there had to be a way to make healthy, soot free candles. This marked the beginning of our journey into the wonderful world of making candles.



Soy Wax! Our Alternative To Toxic Paraffin Wax.

Headlines read "Students Invent Soy Wax Birthday Candles". Intrigued, I read further and learned of students at Purdue University touting the health benefits of Soy Wax. Soy wax is a clean burning wax that lasts longer than paraffin and of course creates petro soot free candles!

We sourced some soy wax. Thinking it would be easy, we experimented making our own candles. Our  first candles looked and smelled beautiful in the jar but burning them was not so beautiful.  Very litte fragrance transfered into the air. Trial, upon trail, working in our small kitchen, burning holes in our Formica countertops, melting cooking utensils we finally did it. After 2 years we developed a soy wax formulation that works. You can read more about  how we get 50% more fragrance in our soy candles then anyother candle brand on the market today.

"These candles are wonderful! The scent is much stronger and you can smell it while it is burning. When I leave the candle burning, the wonderful scent fills my whole house. I am also impressed that the caps are recycled. I am now a dedicated customer."
Katie LaDouceur~ Worcester, MA


So What Causes Black Soot In Soy Candles, If Soy Wax Is Petro Soot Free?

Soy wax burns petro-carbon soot free. But there are other factors that contribute to black soot deposits in candles.

 Fragrances  Can Add To Toxicity Of Candles.

Besides the waxes used in candlemaking, there are other qualities of scented candles that can be toxic and or soot producing. We learned that commercially made fragrances are toxic and soot producing, not only are typical fragrances toxic, they are not as strong.

Our Innovative Fragrance Technology allows us to use more fragrance than any other candle we know on the market. So the scent throw is incredible. But you will also notice how real our fragrances smell. We do not make fragrances in the same way as the industry standards; we make them healthier and better!

Most scented products on the market, including most candles, contain nothing but a bunch of synthetic chemicals. We did not want our family to be exposed to all of these toxins. Our original plan was to use nothing but natural essential oils, essences and/or extracts. However, most of these natural ingredients are not stable in their natural state when burning. Some of them are very flammable; some are unstable and are altered when exposed to heat; some will burn off and therefore throw little to no scent; and only a few of these natural ingredients remain in their natural state.

Therefore, we developed a technology to take many natural compounds and make them stable when burning. To accomplish this we use a variety of natural compounds and stable synthetic organic compounds to make fragrances that are not only healthier but smells better! We use many special techniques to isolate and stabilize the best scented compounds.

All our Innovative Fragrances are created to be phthalate free and exceed the some of the most stringent environmental standards.

They are healthy and of course the best part is the strength and authenticity of our fragrances. Our fragrances are strong and oh, so realistic. Once you burn a Pure Integrity Candle you will never burn another brand again!

Pure Integrity soy candles will fill room upon room, and then some!!

Synthetic Additives Can Add to The Toxcity Of Candles

Synthetic scents, and other additives that a lot of other candle manufacturers employ, result in candles that generate a lot of soot. Things like UV Inhibitors, chemicals to make candles look creamier, more rigid, ect. The list goes on and on. All these chemicals add to the toxicity and the soot production of candles. Independent tests have demonstrated that some candles generate 100 times the quantity of soot then is produced by other types of candles.

Pure Integrity soy wax is free from additives and burns completely petro-carbon soot free! Our fragrances are 100% phthalate free and our dyes exceed the stringent EU Reach Compliance standards.

UnProper Sized Wicks

Thickness and length of the wick -The wick conveys the melted paraffin to the flame. Thicker or longer wicks burn more fuel. Manufacturers should match the wick diameter to the candle size and composition, but sometimes manufacturers have not matched the proper sized wick with their candle. This can lead to soot production as well as limit the amount of fragrance that is pulled into the air.

Keep in mind the only completely soot free candle flame is a natural gas flame. This flame is completely blue in nature and has what is called a complete combustion.

Can we get a candle flame to combust completely? Well, almost. Candle Flames, wood burning fire places, all have incomplete combustion which produce soot, but the good news is it is not the toxic black petro carbon soot that you find in petroleum based candles.

There are some things you can do to radically limit the amount of soot produced from the candle flame itself. Limit it so much,  in fact that you will never see it with your eyes!

You have direct control over these factors: How well you follow these will determine the amount of soot that is produced.


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