Pure Integrity Soy Candle Reviews

Pure Integrity Soy Candles are scented above & beyond your best scented candle! Our soy candles burn clean, last long and utilize all the wax in the jar. Our innovative fragrance technology, enables us to create incredibly strong scented and great performing candles! Customers tell us over and over again Pure Integrity Soy Candles are the best scented candles they have ever burned and so will you! Be sure to try one today!

Below are some of our scented candle reviews from our customers. Please be sure to scroll down and post your review of your favorite Pure Integrity candle! We look forward to reading your review!

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I ordered this for the Spring having already tried Gardenia which I really like. I am not that fond of the Lilac scent and would Read More

Gardenia Scented Candle Review


I really like this Gardenia scent for the Spring (I usually order scents based upon time of year/season) it is a really nice floral.

Grape Scented Candle Review


Now, this is Grape Scented Candle! A great scent that is pleasant and strong. Actually,  this candle could be considered a “wow” strength, in my Read More

Eucalyptus Scented Candle Reviews


Jill’s Eucalyptus Candle Review by Jill (Bennington NY)  Pure Integrity Soy Candles are always the most fragrant without being over-powering. Definitely worth the money, since Read More

Amaretto Scented Candle Reviews


Emilie’s Amaretto Candle Review by Emilie (Kansas) It smells amazing! Just like the real thing! Amaretto Candle Review Absolutely my favorite scent.  There is just Read More

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Tracy’s Raspberry Lemonade Scented Candle Review by Tracy (Owings Mills, MD) I loved this Raspberry Lemonade Scented Candles!!! The Candle was just perfect, It burned Read More

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Tebra’s Vanilla Scented Candle Review by Tebra Howard (angola, nu) I absolutely love your candles. Have tried many scents but always go back to the Read More

Bayberry Scented Candle Reviews


Mary’s 26 oz Bayberry Scented Candle Review by Mary  (Lancaster, NY USA) I couldn’t wait to light this candle! It smells heavenly and burns uniformly. Read More

Vanilla Scented Candle Reviews


Elle’s Vanilla Scented Candle Review by Ellie (upstate, Ny) My fourth PI vanilla candle- I’ll never, ever buy from another vendor. This is true vanilla, Read More