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Americans Working Store.

This site is dedicated to help you find American-made products. Let's keep our jobs home; let's pressure retailers to sell more products that are made in the USA; let's ask companies to quit outsourcing support jobs overseas; and let's watch over our school systems to ensure we are turning out the next great generation.

America's Business to Consume offers a convenient way to buy high-quality products made in America and learn about the companies who make them. Such American products are hidden and unidentified, but makes finding them easy through our e-Commerce site. We provide consumers the largest online selection of American products and product information in a personalized interactive forum. On, you can browse our online catalog, order products and services sourced from “USAB2C Certified” American manufacturers through our safe and secure website.

Dig U.S. Out.

Dig U.S. Out was created for one simple reason: to put Americans back to work. One simple way we can all help is by purchasing more products that are made here at home in the USA by hardworking Americans. Dig U.S. Out realizes that it is easy to want to purchase the cheapest priced products without giving notice or thought to where these products are made and whose jobs they are supporting. Unfortunately, it is this carelessness that has contributed to our current economic difficulties and the enormous loss of jobs of our family members, neighbors, and friends. By adjusting our purchasing habits and buying more American-made products, you can help put Americans back to work and rebuild our economy. Please make an effort to support American companies and American jobs, and in doing so you will be supporting your fellow citizens, community, and the cause of freedom. Together we can Dig U.S. Out.

U.S.A. Only 

Mom ‘n Pop Businesses built this country. The entrepreneurial spirit was the spine that made this country stand tall. We need to buy consumer products made with American sweat and gettin’ America Back In Business by committing again to buy products from our neighbors. It is my hope that this site will link consumers and manufacturers arm-in-arm across the country.

KeepItUSAMade is focused on promoting discussions on best ways to keep American dollars and jobs in the United States. Visit the discussion forum and find a topic or thread that is of interest to you, and please be sure to share your thoughts. There is an extensive listing of products made in the U.S.A.


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FREE SHIPPINGon all orders over $100
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